The main character who looks like Mario from Nintendo Co.’s “Super Mario Bros.” removes a tiger and flies and solves many problems in a video posted by the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission. (From a video posted by the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission)

BEIJING--The Chinese Communist Party removed an online anti-corruption video that was nearly identical to a clip from Nintendo Co.’s video game “Super Mario Bros.” following complaints of copyright infringement.

The party’s Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission posted the video on its official Weibo microblog account on Jan. 30.

Ironically, the video was apparently produced by a court in Hunan province to boast of its record on cracking down on copyright violations, corruption and other crimes last year.

“Our country’s court shows us what piracy is by committing it itself,” one online critic said.

The video uses sound effects remarkably similar to those in the Japanese video game.

The main character, resembling Mario, grows by eating mushrooms and vanquishes the villains--a tiger and flies.

In Chinese President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign, he pledged to get rid of both “tigers,” who are senior officials of the party and government, and “flies,” who are rank-and-file party members.

The protagonist in the video resolves a slew of problems by collecting coins bearing such signs as “right to intellectual property” and “bankruptcy case.”

Criticism quickly ensued after the video was posted.

Complaints of copyright violation were rife, while others said the video was simply “too embarrassing.”

The video was deleted by the night of Feb. 2.