Visitors are dazzled by multi-colored ice sculptures inside a tunnel at the Sounkyo gorge in Kamikawa, Hokkaido. (Video taken by Sen Inoue)

KAMIKAWA, Hokkaido--Giant ice sculptures illuminated by multicolored lights are dazzling visitors to the Sounkyo gorge, nestled at the foot of Mount Daisetsuzan here.

The Sounkyo Onsen Hyobaku (ice fall) Festival offers great opportunities to snap photos below huge icicles in an ice tunnel about 110 meters long, whose interior has been transformed by colorful lights into a fantastical world.

The event has proved to be a hit with tourists from Japan and abroad, who have braved minus zero temperatures and biting winds to view 30 or so ice structures of various sizes, including ones resembling igloos.

Painstaking work went into creating them, which included pumping water from the nearby Ishikarigawa river and spraying it into massive log frames for two months.

The festival will continue through March 17. Admission is 300 yen ($2.75).