In a special exhibition, railroad dioramas are put on a platform in JR Ryogoku Station in Tokyo on Feb. 8. A massive railroad diorama was set up at the square near the station on Feb. 9 and will be on display through April 7. (Takuya Isayama)

Plarail fans of all ages should punch their ticket to JR Ryogoku Station in Tokyo for a special show commemorating the 60th anniversary of Tomy Co's. popular toy train and plastic track system.

The "Ryogoku Plarail Station" event, which features a 2-meter tall tower diorama and other exhibits, is being held at the square next to the station’s west exit in Sumida Ward.

The show, which began Feb. 9 and was jointly planned by Tomy and East Japan Railway Co., will run through April 7.

In the exhibition, visitors can see the massive Plarail diorama, including the tower and rail yard, and take a picture with Shinkansen bullet train balloons.

When Tomy rolled out its Plarail for the first time in 1959, the round light blue railway track measured 47 centimeters in diameter when assembled. The track was designed to fit on a low dining table that was common in Japanese homes at the time so that children could easily play with their Plarail set on it.

As time went by, more elaborate electric cars and trains with lighting and sound systems were added to the Plarail series.

According to Tomy, a total of 1,480 kinds of toys have been sold in Japan under the series. The length of tracks sold totals more than 98,700 kilometers if placed side by side, a distance that could span the globe two and a half times.

Admission to the exhibition is 1,000 yen ($9.11) for a junior high school student or older, which includes a drink, and 1,800 yen for a child 3 years old to elementary school age, which includes two attraction coins.