Photo/IllutrationBundles of damaged banknotes were delivered to the Ehime governor on Jan. 29. The photo was taken in Matsuyama on Feb. 14. (Yosuke Okawa)

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  • Photo/Illustraion

MATSUYAMA--About 100 million yen ($906,700) in damaged banknotes was sent by an anonymous donor to the Ehime governor last month with a simple request: Please use it well.

The rough total was reached after public servants counted the bills, which varied in damage, the prefectural government announced Feb. 14.

The unexpected cash arrived in a cardboard box on Jan. 29 with a fictional sender's name, address and phone number, and included the message, “Please use this money for something worthwhile," according to an official.

The government received it as a donation of unknown origin after consulting police and a lawyer, and is considering using the funds toward reconstruction efforts for areas in the prefecture devastated by torrential rain in July last year.

“We would like to express our appreciation from the bottom of our hearts,” Ehime Governor Tokihiro Nakamura said Feb. 14.

The attached letter also says that the sender information written on the mail invoice is fictitious.

The notes are believed to have been printed in 2004 or earlier, as they do not carry an anti-counterfeiting hologram.

The prefectural government will ask the Bank of Japan to check the authenticity of the banknotes and exchange them with new ones.

As the notes are damaged, it is not known how many of them can be exchanged with new ones.