UTSUNOMIYA--Renowned manga artist Tetsuya Chiba, best-known for his boxing manga "Ashita no Joe" (Tomorrow's Joe), was named the new principal of Bunsei University of Art here on Feb. 27.

Manga has become "Japan's representative culture," Chiba said. He said he aims to further raise its profile outside Japan, and at age 80, is happy for the opportunity to "learn together" with young people at Bunsei.

The artist has been a professor there since 2005 when it set up a manga department. Chiba was awarded the Person of Cultural Merit honor in 2014.

Chiba debuted in 1956 and created a string of hits including “Ore wa Teppei” (I am Teppei) and “Ashita Tenki ni Nare” (Stay Fine).

He begins a four-year term of office on April 1, when he succeeds Kenji Ueno, 70, who retires on March 31.