Photo/IllutrationShahnaz Daphne, left, and Samar Mansour show off Japanese-style hijabs. (Hiroki Okitsu)

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KYOTO--A shop here started offering hijab scarfs featuring traditional Japanese patterns with its kimono rentals, targeting Muslim women who want to stroll the ancient capital in style.

Since February, Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumeyakata has made available 25 kinds of hair-concealing veils by using scraps of kimono fabric and traditional attire that can no longer be rented out.

It started developing the Japanese-style hijabs in December after it received many requests from tourists from Indonesia, Malaysia and other regions that are home to many Muslims for “hijabs that match kimono.”

The first renter was a middle-aged Indonesian woman who chose a black hijab with traditional Japanese designs that goes well with her kimono.

The unique hijabs are created by Shahnaz Daphne, 25, an Indonesian and Muslim, and Samar Mansour, 29, a French woman who has a family member of the Islamic faith.

“Customers will surely be satisfied with our hijabs, which are made of kimono fabric,” said Shahnaz. “I'd like customers to take a stroll in Kyoto in fashionable wear suitable for Muslims.”

While most hijabs consist of thin square textile to be folded into a triangle shape to be worn around the head, the kimono-based scarfs are composed of triangle fabric because folded kimono pieces are too thick and make the wearers’ heads sweaty.

The pair repeatedly test-created the hijabs so that the patterns on them can be seen from the front when they are put on.

The hijabs, whose details are shown on the shop’s website in English and Indonesian, can be borrowed by kimono renters for an additional fee of 300 yen ($2.69), excluding tax.

The kimono rental shop plans to eventually offer a total of 50 kinds of hijabs, including summer ones.