Photo/IllutrationTakakeisho, center, receives official word of his promotion to ozeki in Osaka on March 27. He is flanked by his stablemaster Chiganoura and Chiganoura's wife. (Yoshinori Mizuno)

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OSAKA--Takakeisho, the youngest sumo wrestler in the highest makuuchi division, was promoted to the second-highest rank of ozeki at a ceremony here on March 27.

“I will devote myself to sumo while valuing the ‘bushido’ samurai spirit and keeping my gratitude and compassion to others in mind,” the 22-year-old Japanese wrestler said on receiving official word of his promotion. “I will live up to what is expected of someone who holds the title of ozeki.”

He was accompanied by his stablemaster Chiganoura and Chiganoura's wife.

Bushido is a time-honored moral teaching for Japanese samurai warriors.

The Japan Sumo Association on March 27 unanimously decided to promote Takakeisho at a meeting on rankings for the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament, which opens in Tokyo on May 12, and at an extraordinary session of its board of directors.

Takakeisho, who was born in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, is the first new ozeki since Tochinoshin was elevated to the position in May 2018. His real name is Takanobu Sato.

Takakeisho posted a 10-5 record as sekiwake in the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament, which ended on March 24 in Osaka. He accumulated 34 wins in the past three tournaments, topping the threshold of 33 victories needed to be promoted to ozeki.