Photo/IllutrationThe Beer Room at the Misugi Resort hotel (Provided by Misugi Resort)

TSU, Mie Prefecture--Getting certain guests to leave could be a problem at a hotel here.

Misugi Resort Inc., which operates the hotel, has opened a special twin-bedded room with beer towers that allow overnight guests to imbibe a copious supply of craft beer.

The hotel operator remodeled a Japanese-style room with tatami mats and created the Beer Room. Two beer towers (20 liters each) were installed on a bar counter made of locally grown horse chestnut trees.

The hotel produces about 15 kiloliters of Hinotani Beer, a craft beer brand, annually at the site. The ingredients include locally produced wheat and barley.

The resort offers several types of Hinotani products, including Ninja Beer made with black rice, and Hinotani Lager, which is brewed with organically grown rice.

Misugi Resort President Yuki Nakagawa came up with the Beer Room idea as a fun way to bolster the local area.

He started a crowdfunding campaign in August last year to create the Beer Room. The target of 1 million yen ($8,970) was reached in 40 days through donations from about 90 people.

The company also developed Crowd IPA, which is brewed with yeast from locally grown cedar trees and is served in the Beer Room.

An overnight stay for two people in the Beer Room costs from 32,550 yen each. Two meals are included.