NAGOYA--Promotional images of a member of popular female idol group SKE48 in her underwear and other revealing shots were retracted after prefectural officials here got taken to task for releasing inappropriate material.

Officials quickly replaced the offending images the same day on April 1.

“We have corrected the release as it included inappropriate materials for reporters,” said a prefectural official, referring to the blunder in connection with the Nagoya-based sing and dance group.

The release was about a planned courtesy visit to Aichi Governor Hideaki Omura by one of the group members as part of a publicity campaign to promote the area.

The original release was distributed April 1 to reporters attached to the press club covering the prefectural government, with a detailed profile. The images included ones of her in her underwear.

In one image, the performer posed with a brassiere in one hand and the other covering her breasts.

The images, provided to prefectural authorities by her agency, were taken from a book of her photographs.

A prefectural official in charge of the tourism promotion and another official overseeing public relations apparently did not check the release in advance.

“We distributed copies of the document without confirming whether the content was appropriate,” said a prefectural official.