Photo/Illutration(c) Sachiko Kashiwaba, KODANSHA/ 2019 Birthday Wonderland Committee

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“The Wonderland,” the latest film from award-winning director Keiichi Hara, will be released nationwide on April 26.

A poster visual for the anime features the protagonist, Akane, looking directly toward the camera.

The fantasy adventure story centers around the sixth-grader who often cannot reveal her true emotions or intentions.

The day before her birthday, Akane is taken against her will to “The World Beyond” by a mysterious man who calls himself Hippocrates the Alchemist and his disciple, Pipo.

Hara is known for directing “Crayon Shin-chan” film adaptations, including the critically acclaimed “Crayon Shin-chan: Impetuous! The Adult Empire Strikes Back.”

He received the Special Distinction and Audience awards for “Colorful” at the 2011 Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France. The director also won the Jury Award for “Miss Hokusai” at the same festival in 2015.

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