KUMAMOTO--A condiment maker here has produced a clear, colorless soy sauce that retains the same flavor but won’t change the appearance of food.

Fundodai Goyo Inc. said it uses a special machine to remove the dark brown substances from sauce freshly squeezed from fermented soy beans.

Around summer 2017, Ayako Soda, subsection chief of product development, gained the inspiration for transparent soy sauce from the trend of clear and colorless colas and alcohol-free beers.

“Tomei Shoyu is recommended for marinated tuna and white fish dishes like carpaccio, and as a secret ingredient for ice cream,” she said.

The product is mainly available at major supermarkets in the Kyushu region. But the company said it has been receiving orders from across the country since the transparent soy sauce was featured on television.

Tomei Shoyu is slightly more expensive than regular soy sauce. A 100-milliliter bottle of transparent soy sauce costs 500 yen ($4.50), excluding tax.

It is also available at the company’s Japanese-language website at (https://www.fundodai.com/).