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Netflix Inc. is joining forces with three Japanese studios to make an animated series based on Japanese video games and an original drama series.

The popular video streaming service announced it will enter into a comprehensive business tie-up with Sublimation Inc., David Production Inc. and Anima Inc.

With Sublimation, Netflix will make an animated series based on Capcom Co.’s popular video game “Dragon’s Dogma.” It will also produce “Spriggan” based on a manga of the same name with David Production, while “Altered Carbon: Resleeved,” based on its original live-action sci-fi drama series “Altered Carbon,” is being produced with Anima.

The original “Dragon’s Dogma” is an action role-playing game. Set in the fantasy world of Gransys Island, the player acts as the protagonist, whose heart has been stolen by the Dragon. “The Arisen” sets out on an adventure to defeat the monster and retrieve his heart.

In 2018, Netflix also formed a comprehensive business alliance with Production I.G Inc. and Bones Inc. to expand its anime lineup for subscribers in about 190 countries and regions around the world.

The streaming service is currently preparing “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” for a 2020 release with Production I.G. It is also partnering with Wit Studio Inc., which is affiliated with the anime house, to make “Vampire in the Garden.”

Netflix also announced that it will produce an animated series based on the U.S. comic “Supercrooks” by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu.

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