Photo/IllutrationA person leaps off Yanba Ohashi bridge, Japan’s highest bungee jump, which opened in Naganohara, Gunma Prefecture, on April 20. (Kohei Morioka)

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NAGANOHARA, Gunma Prefecture--About 30 thrill-seekers leaped off a bridge over Yanba Dam here at a new attraction touted as Japan's highest bungee jump, which opened on April 20.

“The moment of jumping off was absolutely awesome,” said Junichi Kobayashi, 68, who runs his own business in Maebashi in the prefecture, praising the area's scenery.

The 106-meter-high platform on the Yanba Ohashi bridge will only hold the title for highest bungee spot until around autumn. Its height will be halved when a trial run takes place to store water behind the dam.

The dam, currently under construction, is expected to be completed in spring next year.

Naganohara set up the bungee jump, operated by Standard Move KK, to draw attention to the region. Standard Move operates jumps at other locations, including Minakami in the prefecture.

The attraction, which charges 20,000 yen ($178.68) per jump, is expected to operate until the end of October. It will reopen next year.

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