Japan Airlines Co. (JAL) revealed a new virtual reality device called "JAL xR Traveler" in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Ward on April 2. In a virtual trip in Hawaii, users perceive wind and smells as they walk around holding a woman's hand. (Video footage by Toshiyuki Takeya)

New virtual reality headgear lets you feel Hawaii's breeze on your skin and inhale the scents of its tropical flowers as you stroll along a beach or through a forest.

Japan Airlines Co. (JAL) debuted a trial version of its "JAL xR Traveler" device to media on April 2, which it developed with Tokyo-based VR firm, Sooth Inc.

JAL says the device enables users to easily experience travel destinations, as simply as trying on different clothes, which it hopes will lead them to book actual trips with the airline.

Wearing VR goggles, users walk on a running machine while holding onto a model of a human hand mounted on a bar in front of them, which makes them feel a woman is leading them around the island by the hand.

A key feature of the device is that those wearing it can perceive not just the sights of the locations they "visit," but also use their sense of smell and touch to get to know the areas.

In a beach scene, wind blows over the user from in front of them. In a forest scene, users sense the scents of soil and flowers.

JAL plans to put JAL xR Travelers into practical use around 2020 and install them in shopping centers and other locations to attract people who usually don’t go abroad.