Photo/IllutrationThe “Shibuya Omamori” charm features the iconic scramble crossing and Hachiko dog statue. (Provided by Shibuya City Tourism Association)

A good-luck charm with Shibuya's iconic scramble crossing on one side and the famously devoted dog Hachiko on the other is now available to fortune seekers.

The embroidered “Shibuya Omamori” charm is on sale for 1,000 yen ($8.93), including tax, at four lottery booths around Shibuya Station.

About 3,000 pedestrians cross the famed zebra intersection each green light at peak time, according to the Shibuya City Tourism Association, which launched the item.

As there are so few mishaps from people being bumped into at the intersection, an association official said, "We hope the charm will protect the holder from meeting with misfortune."

The association decided to include Hachiko on the charm to extend the meaning of "Hachiko is waiting" to "What you are waiting for will come to you," according to the official.

The iconic dog statue immortalizes the tale of an Akita Inu dog that waited for years for its deceased owner's return each day at Shibuya Station about a century ago.

A lottery booth near the entrance to Keio Inokashira Line's Shibuya Station, where the charms are available, sold three winning year-end jumbo lottery tickets late last year, with the lucky winners reaping a total of 1 billion yen.

The association said it hopes that the charm will bring good fortune to people while boosting Shibuya's luck and contributing to the area's prosperity.