Photo/IllutrationThe iBRA sends data, including heart rate, to a smartphone via a transmitter inside the bra. (Provided by Wacoal Corp.)

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Overextending yourself at work? A new "smart" bra tells you whether you are stressed out or not and gives you a score up to 100.

Jointly developed by lingerie maker Wacoal Corp. and fiber producer Mitsufuji Corp., the iBRA monitors the stress level of wearers through special fibers, helping them address anxiety early on.

Wacoal Holdings plans to first market the high-tech bra to companies as a health-management device.

The system's technology measures heart rate and other data through Mitsufuji's special fibers coated in a highly conductive silver.

When the information is transmitted to a user's smartphone via a transmitter attached to the bra, the app analyzes the data and determines the stress level from zero to 100.

"We came up with a device that allows bra wearers to easily monitor their stress levels," a Mitsufuji official said.

To make the bra friendly to highly active workers, material that adheres to the chest was adopted. The development team also used specially woven fibers to prevent the undergarment from feeling too tight.

Such heart-activity meters have already been put in practical use in underwear and other clothing.

The question is, can the iBRA really contribute to health management?

Ten flight attendants working for budget airline Peach Aviation Ltd. put the system to the test during and after work for a six-day period, reporting positive results.

"We wanted to know how our flight attendants on the front lines were managing their health," a Peach Aviation official said. "The bra had a powerful impact, as our flight attendants took a greater interest in getting themselves in shape after wearing it."