On the right side of Byodoin temple's Phoenix Hall, visitors view “fuji” flowers, or Japanese wisteria, in their zenith in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, on April 28. (Video taken by Taku Koyama)

UJI, Kyoto Prefecture--The famed Phoenix Hall at Byodoin temple here could be seen through a curtain of hanging “fuji” flowers in full bloom on April 28.

Visitors at the World Heritage site formed a line to take a picture from the best spot where the light purple flowers, called Japanese wisteria, cascaded in front of the vermilion 1,000-year-old hall, also known as Hoo-do.

Some of the flower clusters measured 1 meter or so in length. This year, about 13,000 flower clusters bloomed, just under the total for last year.

The trees that produce the fuji flowers, whose branches are entangled with a “fujidana” frame, include four that are more than 300 years old.

Visitors can enjoy the spring flowers through the 10 consecutive Golden Week holidays, according to a temple official.