Photo/IllutrationA paper shopping bag being tested at Seven-Eleven Japan Co. convenience stores (Provided by Seven & i Holdings Co.)

Retailer Seven & i Holdings Co. plans to bag the use of disposable plastic sacks that are blamed as a major source of marine pollution from all its group outlets by 2030.

Seven & i Holdings, which operates the Seven-Eleven Japan Co. convenience stores, Ito-Yokado Co. supermarkets and other outlets, said May 8 it aims to replace plastic shopping bags with ones made of environmentally friendly materials.

In a trial, some Seven-Eleven stores in Yokohama are already asking shoppers to choose either plastic or paper bags for their purchases.

After a series of trials, the company will decide the best material to replace plastic bags.

To reduce the volume of plastic waste, the company has charged for plastic bags at its Ito-Yokado and York-Benimaru Co. supermarkets since 2012.

Seven & i Holdings plans to replace plastic sacks with bags made of alternative green material at those outlets, too.