New animated episodes of the anime “Hozuki’s Coolheadedness” will be released on DVD bundled with the latest volumes of the original manga.

Limited editions of the title's Vol. 29-31 will include a bonus DVD containing a new episode.

The second part of the second season of the TV anime series ended last year.

The anime is based on a dark comedy manga of the same name by Natsumi Eguchi currently running in the Morning comic anthology, boasting over 11 million copies in print. The story centers around Hozuki, who serves as first aide to Enma, the King and Justice of Hell.

Director Kazuhiro Yoneda, screenwriter Midori Goto and other production staff responsible for the TV series will reprise their roles for the new episodes to be produced by anime studio Pine Jam Inc.

The 29th volume of the original comic series will be released Sept. 20, followed by the 30th on March 23, 2020. The 31st volume is also expected to hit store shelves in 2020. Purchasers of all the three limited-edition volumes are eligible for a special leaflet containing illustrations drawn by Eguchi.

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