Two executives of Nissan Motor Co. who entered into a plea-bargaining deal with prosecutors investigating suspected financial wrongdoing by Carlos Ghosn will not be indicted, sources said.

Ghosn, 65, the former Nissan Motor chairman, has been indicted on a range of charges, including aggravated breach of trust and making false entries on the company's annual securities reports.

The pair who cooperated with prosecutors are a foreign senior executive and a Japanese official who once headed the company's secretariat.

Sources said the foreign executive approached prosecutors through lawyers on Oct. 10 about a plea bargain, and the Japanese official did the same on Oct. 26.

The two signed written agreements with prosecutors dated Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, respectively. Under the agreements, the two promised to submit all necessary evidence as well as to testify in court.

In exchange, the two would not be indicted for two specific actions in which they were involved. One was causing damage to Nissan by ordering a subsidiary to pay out a total of 2.25 billion yen ($20.5 million) for the purchase and repairs of homes used by Ghosn in Lebanon and Brazil. The other concerned alleged false entries about Ghosn's annual remuneration on Nissan's annual securities reports.