Photo/IllutrationNintendo Co. President Shuntaro Furukawa in an interview on April 26 in Kyoto (Yuki Kubota)

Nintendo Co. has no plans to start game streaming services in the near future but expects to cash in on the emerging market, the company's president, Shuntaro Furukawa, said.

Furukawa told The Asahi Shimbun in an interview April 26 that Nintendo has high expectations for the growing presence of game streaming services targeting users of smartphones and other devices who do not have home consoles.

“They (streaming services) will not pose a threat and rather can provide a new business opportunity,” he said.

However, Furukawa said Nintendo has no plans to compete in the new market.

“Unappealing game software will not sell well regardless of the advancement of technology,” he explained.

Under streaming services, remote servers process data in lieu of home consoles and send it as necessary. That type of service has drawn attention after Google Inc. announced in March that it will enter the video game industry with the Stadia service.

As Nintendo profits through the spread of its game consoles and sales of software titles, public interest is high in how the video game giant will respond to the move.

“I hope far more people will play video games as technology advances,” said Furukawa, indicating that streaming and other new gaming services can only benefit Nintendo in the long run.

Asked if he worried out about Nintendo's console sales becoming sluggish, Furukawa said he saw “no such possibility as of now” because Nintendo has multiple popular titles, such as the Super Mario series.

Furukawa also mentioned game subscription services promoted by Apple Inc. and other companies.

“Subscription services have been adopted in various businesses, though what is important is the content of services,” he said. “I think subscription services will spread in the video game industry as well, but we have no plans to introduce such services at least for now.”

(This article was written by Hikaru Nakamura and Yuki Kubota.)