Photo/IllutrationLeft: The chrysanthemum crest, Japanese cherry birch and rugosa rose design adorns the back of the 10,000 yen gold coin in commemoration of the enthronement of Emperor Naruhito. Right: A phoenix and auspicious clouds are featured on the front side. (Provided by The Finance Ministry)

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Gold coins in denominations of 10,000 yen ($91) and copper coins worth 500 yen will be minted to commemorate Emperor Naruhito's enthronement.

The Finance Ministry announced May 10 that it plans to issue 50,000 gold and 5 million copper coins.

The gold coin, featuring a phoenix and auspicious clouds on its front, is 2.8 centimeters in diameter and weighs 20 grams.

The imperial family's chrysanthemum crest and the “oshirushi” signature mark--Naruhito's Japanese cherry birch and Empress Masako's rugosa rose--adorn its back.

The 2.65-cm diameter copper coin weighs 7.1 grams. The Takamikura imperial throne used in the enthronement ceremony graces its front.

Its back bears the same design as the gold currency.

The copper coin is made of nickel brass, cupronickel and copper, the same materials that will used in a new regular 500 yen coin expected to be issued between April and September in 2021.

One gold coin will cost 140,555 yen, tax included, with 20,000 coins available to the public for purchase.

A set consisting of one gold and one copper coin will go for 142,593 yen, with 30,000 sets available.

The Japan Mint is accepting orders for the coins starting July 11.

In addition to the copper coins sold in sets, financial institutions nationwide will begin selling 4.97 million 500 yen copper coins in late October.

The Japan Mint website will post details on ordering the coins at 5 p.m. on July 10.

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