Tax authorities say the "mama-san" of an exclusive hostess club in Tokyo's posh Ginza district dodged 67 million yen ($611,000) in taxes over a five-year period.

The Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau filed a complaint with the Chiba District Public Prosecutors Office on suspicion that Noriko Aoki, 38, along with a temporary employment agency she ran and Fumihiko Amano, 47, a certified tax accountant, violated the Corporate Tax Law.

According to sources, Aoki dispatched herself to the members-only drinking spot as a hostess through Minato Ward-based Double Five, of which she is president. She received remuneration for her work via the company.

The lead hostess of the lucrative night club, who worked under the professional name Chihiro Aoki, allegedly asked Amano to reduce her tax burden when she filed her income tax returns.

Aoki and Amano, whose office is registered in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, are believed to have concealed about 286 million yen in revenue from 2012 to 2017 in an attempt to portray the temp company as operating in the red.

Aoki said the tax matter has now been laid to rest, telling an Asahi Shimbun reporter through a representative: "I paid the taxes after amending tax returns based on the authority's instruction. I intend to correctly file my taxes from now on."