Takakeisho withdrew again from the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament, ending his short-lived comeback and becoming the first ozeki to pull out of the same tournament twice since the 15-day format was adopted in 1949.

Komusubi Aoiyama slapped down Takakeisho, who was making his debut as ozeki at the tournament in Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan, on Day 8.

The following day, on May 20, Takakeisho’s stablemaster, Chiganoura, said an injury to ligaments in the right knee has forced out the wrestler again, and there will be no second attempt at a return to the ring.

Takakeisho, 22, whose real name is Takanobu Sato, is expected to need about three weeks of treatment for the injury.

The native of Hyogo Prefecture first withdrew from the tournament on Day 5 because of the right-knee injury. He returned on Day 8.

Chiganoura said Takakeisho wanted to continue competing after the loss to Aoiyama, but the stablemaster persuaded him to call it quits.

On the decision to allow him to return to the ring despite his injury, Chiganoura said, “We discussed it thoroughly, so it was not a wrong decision.”

Takakeisho has only three wins for the tournament.

If that record holds, his ozeki title will be on the line at the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament in July. He will be demoted from sumo’s second-highest rank if he again fails to gain eight victories.