JR Tokai conducted a predawn evacuation drill for a Shinkansen in Tokyo. (Hikaru Uchida)

Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai) conducted a predawn evacuation drill for a Shinkansen in Tokyo--including a walk along the tracks--on the assumption of carriage trouble during operation.

The exercise on May 24 was the first large-scale evacuation for a bullet train in central Tokyo, according to JR Tokai.

As part of the drill, evacuation information in English was also provided for the first time, in response to an increase in visitors from overseas.

The Shinkansen left Tokyo Station at midnight, after normal operations ended, heading toward Shinagawa Station. The train then made an emergency stop about 300 meters before the station due to "carriage trouble."

About 100 members of JR Tokai and others who played roles as passengers disembarked onto the railway tracks using emergency ladders and headed toward the station on foot.

For foreign passengers, the company introduced a QR code in the car linked to a multilingual website, while station staff guided them on how to get refunds for tickets using portable interpretation machines. Train operation information was also provided via Twitter.

Atsushi Tsujimura, JR Tokai’s manager of the transportation and sales division, said, “As part of multilingual measures, we will enhance our ability to respond to passengers by using such means as smartphone apps.”