Photo/IllutrationRikako Ikee, left, seen with her older brother and sister, whose faces are obscured, while Ikee is temporarily discharged from hospital (From the official website of Rikako Ikee)

Swimming champion Rikako Ikee was discharged from hospital for several days before undergoing her next round of leukemia treatment, she revealed on her official website June 5.

"I had a relaxing time, doing things such as enjoying meals with family and getting a lot of fresh air away from the hospital," the 18-year-old said in her online post that included a photo of herself.

Ikee also touched on her progress with treatment at the hospital, saying: "There are some days when my condition is poor. On those days I just wait for time to pass, and somehow get through each day.

"While hospitalized, I stay motivated by setting goals for when I am discharged," she added.

Showing her characteristic strength in the face of adversity, the six-time gold medalist at the Asian Games said: "I stay psyched by thinking this will be just a few months of my entire life. Please everyone take care in the warmer weather."