Photo/IllutrationAkira of Exile and Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling (Provided by LDH JAPAN)

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  • Photo/Illustraion

Having shared the stage, a member of Japanese performing group Exile and a popular Taiwanese actress will now share a life together.

Akira, 37, tied the knot on June 6 with Lin Chi-ling, 44, Akira’s management office announced.

The pair, who performed together in the play “Red Cliff” eight years ago, started dating about half a year ago, according to the office.

Lin acted in the epic war film of the same name and is considered one of the most famous actresses in Taiwan.

News of the wedding was splashed across Taiwanese media, with at least one TV program making it a top news story.

Lin is also hugely popular in China. Her post about the marriage on the Weibo messaging service received more than 1 million “likes” within an hour, with more than 200 million views for hashtag “Lin Chi-ling marriage.”

A message by Lin on Facebook said, “Today I am very, very touched.”

Singing the praises of his new spouse, Akira said: “She is so kind that she always accepts me as I am with her big smile. I thought I wanted to make her happy from the bottom of my heart.”