Photo/IllutrationMiraitowa, a mascot for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, is displayed at an Olympic Corner in Tokyo on June 11. (AP Photo)

Tokyo Olympic organizers earlier announced their gold, silver and bronze medals would be made of discarded electronic devices. Now they are going a step further.

The podiums that athletes will mount to receive their medals next year in Tokyo will be made primarily of recycled household plastics.

Tokyo organizing committee chief executive Toshiro Muto says "We think this project will have great significance."

Muto told a news conference on Tuesday that organizers expected to build about "100 sets" of podiums --the gold, silver and bronze medal platforms--with recycled plastics, probably reinforced with aluminum.

He said the discarded plastics would be collected at 2,000 retails stores across Japan.

Tokyo medals will be made from materials recycled from smartphones, digital cameras and laptops.