Sales of parasols for men have shot up this year due to record high temperatures.

Department stores and other retailers say many customers are purchasing them as presents for Father's Day on June 16.

But others are buying ones for themselves as they seek relief from sweltering days with temperatures rising above 30 degrees.

Seibu Department Stores' main store in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district has seen “explosive” sales of men's parasols this year, a salesperson said.

“I heard that a parasol can cool you down a few degrees,” said an elderly man, who bought one for himself at the store.

A business suit-clad mannequin holds a parasol that doubles as an umbrella in the men's sundries section at the special Father's Day promotion.

The Seibu department store has stocked more than 1.5 times the number of items as the same time last year.

The store said it aims to report a 20 percent rise from last year in sales of men's parasols, which can be used as umbrellas, during the period from May to June.

Aeon Co. is selling men's parasols at its outlets on Japan's main island Honshu and Shikoku island. In a month through mid-May, sales of the items topped three times the number of what the retailer sold during the same period a year ago.

The Japan Anniversary Association estimates that the market for Father’s Day sales this year will increase 4 percent to 60.5 billion yen ($558 million). The market has been expanding for the past four years.