A baby goose pops its yellow head out of its parent’s feathers at Akiyoshidai Safari Land in Mine, Yamaguchi Prefecture. (Provided by Akiyoshidai Safari Land)

MINE, Yamaguchi Prefecture--Footage of a baby goose playfully popping its yellow head out of its parent's feathers at a zoo here has gone viral.

The goose is one of two born June 2 and June 5 at Akiyoshidai Safari Land.

According to breeding staff member Shiho Tabuchi, 27, geese cover their eggs with their feathers to keep them warm and safe from predators.

For a month after birth, parent geese sometimes do the same thing with their babies, said Tabuchi, who took the video.

The feathers also serve as a natural air conditioner for goslings, Tabuchi added.

"When it gets hot, parents spread their feathers to allow air in," she said. "They have an excellent function of controlling temperature and humidity."

Tabuchi uploaded the video onto Twitter on June 7.

"Their roundish beaks, unlike baby chickens, are so cute, and so are their eyes, too," she said. "Please come see them while they are babies."

The video has since received more than 1 million views.