People call out, “Hong Kong, hang in there.” Jinshiro Motoyama, a former member of Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy-s speaks in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward on June 13, “I hope my friends who are now protesting in Hong Kong will be encouraged.” (Video taken by Toshiyuki Hayashi)

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Tokyo on June 13 in support of millions of young people in Hong Kong voicing opposition to legislation that would allow political offenders to be extradited to China.

Assembling in front of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region building in the capital's Chiyoda Ward, the protestors chanted, "Hong Kong, hang in there."

The gathering was organized by Jinshiro Motoyama, 27, a former member of Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy-s (SEALDs), a now-dissolved social activist association.

SEALDs launched a campaign against national security bills of the Abe administration before they were passed in September 2015.

"It's totally unacceptable that (young people in Hong Kong) are having their self-determination taken away," Motoyama said during the demonstration. "We want to give them encouragement as a group that shares the same values of liberty and democracy."

Some people from Hong Kong also participated in the demonstration, with one 21-year-old student saying, "I'm delighted that Japanese people are showing their support for us."

"If I criticize Chinese President Xi Jinping in Hong Kong, I could be arrested. It's frightening," she added.

During the demonstration, Motoyama spoke to the participants, saying: "I called for this gathering on my Twitter account, saying, 'Let's link arms with those who are in protest. Let's do what we can in Tokyo or Japan.' I'm happy to see that so many people have gathered. I would like my friends in the demonstration in Hong Kong to be inspired by what is happening here."

Motoyama has been in contact with young people in Hong Kong who supported the pro-democracy protest movement known as the "Umbrella Revolution," which called for the implementation of democratic elections in the region.