Hydrangea flowers popularly called “Meigetsuin Blue” are at full bloom at Meigetsuin temple in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. (Video footage by Toshiyuki Hayashi)

KAMAKURA, Kanagawa Prefecture--In the heart of rainy season, pale blue hydrangea flowers in full bloom at a temple of the ancient capital here are offering visitors a cheerful splash of color.

Meigetsuin temple, popularly dubbed Ajisai-dera (hydrangea temple), showcases about 2,500 small hydrangea trees on its grounds. Among these, more than 90 percent are “hime ajisai,” a strain indigenous to Japan.

Hydrangeas on the temple grounds are popularly called “Meigetsuin Blue.”

As the blue color is caused by mild acidity in the soil, the temple has controlled the acidic level with fertilizer until spring to bring out the best hue.

According to the temple, hydrangeas are at their seasonal best. With the blue tint growing more vivid from now, the peak viewing season will continue through the end of June.