Photo/IllutrationNeopan 100 Acros II, black-and-white film for prints, which Fujifilm Corp. will introduce this fall (Provided by Fujifilm Corp.)

Turns out film is not dead after all in this digital age.

Bowing to the demand of avid fans of film cameras, Fujifilm Corp. will offer newly developed black-and-white film stock in autumn.

The announcement on June 10 came after the company ended sales of monochrome film in autumn last year, which sparked an outcry among camera buffs.

On ending the production of black-and-white film, Fujifilm said a sharp drop in demand made it difficult to secure materials to make the stock as suppliers curtailed output.

But the company decided to develop new monochrome offerings for release this year in response to mounting calls for revival of black-and-white film for print photography.

The new product, Neopan 100 Acros II, is expected to come in two varieties: 35 (35 mm) 36 exposures and brownie (medium-format) 12 exposures.

The price for the products has yet to be set.