Musician Masanori Taki, known by his stage name as Pierre Taki, was handed a suspended 18-month prison sentence June 18 for what the Tokyo District Court labeled as his "habitual" cocaine use.

“His criminal act is habitual. But he has vowed to stop taking drugs and undergo rehabilitation,” said Judge Hironobu Ono in giving a lighter sentence than the 18 months without suspension sought by prosecutors.

Cocaine use constitutes a violation of the Narcotics Control Law.

According to the ruling, Taki, 52, snorted a small amount of cocaine at a condominium in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward on March 12. The condominium is not the one listed as his official residence in the ward.

Ono noted that Taki began using illegal drugs when he was in his 20s. The judge recognized that as Taki found fame and widened his career choices to act in movies and television dramas, he felt increasing pressure in his private life and resorted to drug use on occasion to relieve the stress.

Ono also said that Taki is not suffering from a drug-dependence disease, but is a habitual user.

“Taki cannot escape accusations that he easily depended on illegal drugs,” the judge said.

Taki issued a statement after the ruling, which said, “I thank everybody who gave me words of encouragement and support. I will discipline myself so I don't put myself in this sort of situation again.”