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muggy sunday skinny short shorts line before the ice cream booth

--John Zheng (Itta Bena, Mississippi)

* * *

summer heat

a child licks his ice cream

to the elbow

--Adjei Agyei-Baah (New Zealand)

* * *

a lavender bud

on my blueberry ice cream--

summer in Provence

--Corine Timmer (Faro, Portugal)

* * *

cherry blossom viewing

a drip of pink ice cream

on my shoe

--Lucy Whitehead (Essex, U.K.)

* * *

ice-cream truck …

a broken piggy bank

on the table

--Tomislav Maretic (Croatia)

* * *

When I look at him

it starts to melt ...

My ice cream

--Anna Goluba (Warsaw, Poland)

* * *

freezing rain--

in my dreams of summer

no ice cream

--Ana Drobot (Bucharest, Romania)

* * *


for a gloomy girl ...

marron glace

--Luciana Moretto (Treviso, Italy)

* * *

from a child’s hand

the sun consumes ice cream

with pleasure

--Ljiljana Dobra (Sibenik, Croatia)

* * *

Berlin Airport

vegan choco fudge ice cream

directly from the U.S.

--Ralf Broker (Germany)




at the zoo

my melting ice cream ...

the polar bears empathize

--Liz Gibbs (Calgary, Alberta)

The Canadian haikuist shares concerns about rapidly disappearing ice in the arctic, suggesting that the indigenous animals such as the “polar bears know only too well about the concept of melting.” Lucy Whitehead was spared no sympathy.

melting ice cream

a seagull flies

off with it

Now that winter’s gone, Honey Novick eyes a joyful future in Toronto, Canada. Neni Rusliana blew spring fluff in Indonesia. When the rain season starts in Osaka, it rains heavenly, explains Teiichi Suzuki.

golden blue springtime

weakens winter’s deep sadness

blossoms of joy and hope

* * *

spring breeze

dandelion seeds fall

in mother’s lap

* * *


hydrangeas loom large

in drizzle

Whether on holidays or afterhours, Kanematsu is always served politely at the bank.


talks the ATM

spring midday

Paul Geiger was watched at a safari park in California. Aljosa Vukovic was approached by a mendicant in Sibenik, Croatia.

every day

glare of the lion

changing climate

* * *

homeless man

baklavas from the shop window

in his thoughts

Franjo Ordanic thinks it won’t be hard to get used to global warming in Oroslavje, Croatia.

short skirts and sweet strawberry ice cream

all year round

Charlie Smith claims it will only “take a few weeks and a bit of ice cream to get used to” the hot and humid start to the summer in Raleigh, North Carolina.

sultry sunset two-scoop peach cone


Francis Attard took pity on a thirsty child in Marsa, Malta: scoops ocean water hand of a refugee child. Philip Waff Whitley shed salty tears in South Carolina.

hot tears

the whole scoop a puddle

on the pavement

Natalia Kuznetsova erased all thought of ice in Moscow, Russia.


my ice cream becomes

just a name

Serhiy Shpychenko worried for his family in Kyiv, Ukraine. Milan Stancic Kimi rejoiced the arrival of summer in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

parental home

large hailstones

on the green grass

* * *

a puddle in the yard

the sounds embrace

melted ice

Aljosa Vukovic created edible art. Francis Attard shared a treat. Corine Timmer’s mom shared a family recipe.

sun’s watercolor--

melted ice cream

on the table

* * *

armoured beetle

drops of ice cream on table

spilt over

* * *

summer holiday--

mother and I making

wild blackberry ice cream

Margherita Petriccione shared a table for two in Scauri, Italy. Liz Crocket shared a haiku moment from Ontario, Canada. Junko Saeki wrote two lines in Suginami, Tokyo. Eva Limbach reconsidered for a moment in Saarbrucken, Germany.

first date--

letting the ice cream

melt away

* * *

the heat of the moment

he melts

my ice cream

* * *

he is unhappy--

melting ice cream

* * *

ice lolly

melting in the sun

my steadfastness

Lothar M. Kirsch listened to Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg talk about her Fridays for Future protest movement. John Hawkhead suggests a new divination tool in Bradford on Avon, U.K.

As Greta speaks

on melting glaciers

my ice cream, too

* * *

melting ice cream

the child sees the future

in global warming

Yutaka Kitajima recalled an exhausting railroad journey without air-conditioning more than 50 years ago.

Burning thirst ice cream melts aboard

crowded train

Petriccione couldn’t finish her gelato fast enough. Adjei Agyei-Baah might have contemplated eating insects in New Zealand.

melting ice cream--

a fly slips

in its drop

* * *

double pleasure--

on my ice-cream

two mating flies


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