Photo/Illutration(Illustration by Mitsuaki Kojima)

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The fountain rests from time to time pigeons coo

--Satoru Kanematsu (Nagoya)

* * *

Discovery Channel

our living room full of


--Franjo Ordanic (Oroslavje, Croatia)

* * *

morning breeze

after a stretch

the dog curls in

--Madhuri Pillai (Melbourne, Australia)

* * *

passing leaf storm

a spider latches on

to my elbow

--Eric A. Lohman (Powder Springs, Georgia)

* * *

sand martins

moving in and out

the tide

--Jennifer Hambrick (Columbus, Ohio)

* * *

I can’t tell whether

they’re coming or going

wild geese in flight

--Priscilla Lignori (Montgomery, New York)

* * *

winter zoo

a polar bear sniffs

artificial ice

--Nikolay Grankin (Krasnodar, Russia)

* * *

high over a huge

field of ripening barley

a speck of skylark

--Paul Conneally (Loughborough, U.K.)

* * *

friday morning

our son’s school bag

stays at home

--Ralf Broker (Germany)

* * *

green dawn

tanuki goes back

the way he came

--Patrick Sweeney (Misawa, Aomori)




he sneaks up on me from behind--

a wild raccoon

New England summer

--Junko Saeki (Tokyo)

The haikuist traveled in the mountains of New Hampshire. While relaxing on the grass she was surprised to find “a raccoon right next to me, peering to see what I was doing.” Her friend said, “You were lucky it wasn’t a skunk.” Roberta Beach Jacobson was gently awakened from an afternoon nap in Indianola, Iowa.

maple tree branch

taps my shoulder--


Sue Colpitts retains a childhood memory of her grandparents’ dog on a Canadian farm, noting “he slept a lot.” Rosemarie Schuldes measured the angle of the sun near a lovely lake in the mountains near Mattsee, Austria. Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo put on a wide-brimmed hat to sleep outdoors in The Hague, Netherlands.

lilac bush

twitching in the shade

old collie dog

* * *

summer solstice

goat kids

chasing shadows

* * *

taking a nap

under a straw hat--

al fresco

Kathy Figueroa sent her best wishes from the flower garden at her cottage in Ontario, Canada. Eleonore Nickolay was bothered by aggressive yellow jackets in Vaires sur Marne, France.

yellow suns dot lawn

beckon to congress of bees

birds chirp contentment

* * *


over the peach sorbet

the wasp and I

Francis Attard felt like he was being drilled while snoozing at the height of this year’s summer solstice. New neighbors darkened his home on the island of Malta. Then “the whole Mediterranean was upended by a heatwave,” he said.

carpenter bee bores

into veranda’s pine tree wood

nest the extra shadow

* * *

year of the wild boar

three-day moon past longest day

the white lie wears off

Christof Blumentrath came to grips with the heatwave in Germany.

full moon night caressing each other

the ocean and me

John Hawkhead’s garbage was overturned last night in Bradford on Avon, U.K. John McManus was thunderstruck outside his home in Carlisle, England. Lucy Whitehead knew she was being watched from the shadows in Essex.

climate change

the alley cats make love

on new green bins

* * *

a sparrow with no feet

my cat drops it

on the veranda

* * *

sun-baked street

a cat in every patch

of shade

Adjei Agyei-Baah conjured a sweet memory from Accra, Ghana. Radostina Dragostinova shared in the excitement of a little girl’s first ripe watermelon from a garden in Bulgaria. Lucia Cardillo enjoyed exquisite summer sensations in Rodi Garganico, Italy.

harmattan heat

a child tries to lick mango juice

from the elbow

* * *

watermelon juice gutter

downwards to her chin

July sunset

* * *

fresh watermelon ...

the jasmine drips

on the veranda

Having lived in the mountains of upstate New York for many years, Nancy Rullo knows that after the frost the final melon of the year is going to be “oh so sweet.”

Sweeter than the first,

holding months of memories

--last watermelon


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David McMurray has been writing the Asahi Haikuist Network column since April 1995, first for the Asahi Evening News. He is on the editorial board of the Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku, columnist for the Haiku International Association, and is editor of Teaching Assistance, a column featuring graduate students in The Language Teacher of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT).

McMurray is professor of intercultural studies at The International University of Kagoshima where he lectures on international haiku. At the Graduate School he supervises students who research haiku. He is a correspondent school teacher of Haiku in English for the Asahi Culture Center in Tokyo.

McMurray judges haiku contests organized by Ito En Oi Ocha, Asahi Culture Center, Matsuyama City, Polish Haiku Association, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Seinan Jo Gakuin University, and Only One Tree.

McMurray's award-winning books include: "Only One Tree Haiku, Music & Metaphor" (2015); "Canada Project Collected Essays & Poems" Vols. 1 -- 8 (2013); and "Haiku in English as a Japanese Language" (2003).