Photo/IllutrationThe interior of a prototype car of a small electric car, the “Honda e” (Provided by Honda Motor Co.)

Instead of getting frustrated when stuck in traffic jams, drivers in the future may while away the time watching TV and DVDs, thanks to self-driving technology under development.

At a recent briefing session, Honda Motor Co. announced that it is creating a number of self-driving technologies that include allowing drivers to watch TV while they are sitting in traffic jams on expressways.

Honda officials held the session in Saitama Prefecture to explain its future business and technology under development.

The company is also considering applying technology it acquired in the development of a fuel cell vehicle (FCV) that runs on hydrogen to airplanes and railways.

Honda has set a goal for next year to realize the self-driving technology with which drivers will no longer have to sit staring out their window at their surroundings while crawling along on the highway.

“If the laws are enacted smoothly, drivers might be able to watch TV and DVDs while driving on expressways during traffic jams next year,” an official said of the automaker's goal.

BMW AG and Nissan Motor Co. will introduce technology that allows drivers to keep their hands off their steering wheels on expressways this year. However, drivers must remain vigilant of their surroundings while driving.

At the briefing session on the technology, various kinds of vehicles under consideration for development were displayed including Ultra Lightweight Vehicles, which can travel short distances.