Photo/IllutrationDominika Gawliczkova on her Honda Super Cub in Tokigawa, Saitama Prefecture, in June (Takemichi Nishibori)

TOKIGAWA, Saitama Prefecture--After racking up 60,000 kilometers in 33 countries, a Czech motorcyclist has brought her long and winding journey to Japan.

Dominika Gawliczkova, 26, set off from Tokigawa in June on her brand-new 125cc Honda Super Cub and will return to the town after a four- to five-month tour across the archipelago.

One of her aims is to inspire people, particularly women, to aim high and tackle even the most daunting of challenges.

Despite not being familiar with the Japanese language, Gawliczkova is motoring her way to various destinations and posting photos online to the delight of her followers.

Gawliczkova's love of motorcycles started at the age of 13, when she began riding an off-road model. At 19, she went on a 35-day round trip to Spain.

She has since traveled to not only countries in northern Europe, but also Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Gawliczkova opted for a motor scooter to tour eight nations in South America, and traveled in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and elsewhere on a 50cc Czech-made motorbike.

Her numerous adventures have not been without setbacks. As she usually sleeps outdoors while on the road, her travels were halted in Bolivia at one point due to snow. She was also threatened by a knife-carrying thief in Columbia into giving up a camera.

Gwaliczkova replaces her motorbike each time she starts a new journey, earning money to cover costs by writing reports on motorbikes and her trips.

Having become a notable personality among Czech motorcyclists, she was given the Super Cub used for her latest trip by a local unit of Honda Motor Co.

Gwaliczkova said she decided to put Japan on her itinerary while writing about her trip in South America, explaining that she wanted to come into contact with a totally different culture.

After arriving at Kimi Ryokan in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district, which she booked online, she met the inn's manager, Kisaburo Minato, 67, who turned out to be a motorcycle enthusiast himself.

With support from Minato, Gawliczkova made preparations for her Japan tour in Tokigawa, where his home is located.

She said the appeal of Japan was its abundant and unspoiled natural scenery.

That said, she's no fan of snakes, having never encountered one in the wild in her home country.

Gawliczkova posts photos and other records of her trips on a near-daily basis on her Facebook account ( and Instagram (