The new Soaring: Fantastic Flight attraction in Tokyo DisneySea offers a simulated experience of flying over tourists’ must-see spots around the world. ((c) Disney)

URAYASU, Chiba Prefecture--Tokyo DisneySea gave the media a sneak preview on July 17 of its 36th attraction, a flight motion-simulator called Soaring: Fantastic Flight.

The large-scale attraction, which cost 18 billion yen ($167 million) to create, opens to the public on July 23.

Large chairlifts dubbed “Dream Flyers” propelled reporters over scenes of famous spots around the world shown on huge screens in front and below them while their feet dangled.

Some screamed. Others shouted. It is, after all, a thrill ride.

In a nod to current trends in virtual reality attractions, the ride also incorporates effects such as the wind and the aroma from “grass on a lea” to enhance the images of the projected landscapes.

Die-hard Disney fans will recognize the flyers as "creations" of Camellia Falco, a fictitious female aviation pioneer. The attraction site is designed as a museum to honor her.

Soaring: Fantastic Flight offers a five-minute ride and can accommodate 87 people at a time but riders must be at least 102 centimeters tall.

A smartphone "fastpass" for tickets will be introduced to coincide with the opening of the attraction to reduce visitors' waiting time.