Former SMAP member Shingo Katori and others present the uniforms to be worn by volunteers at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. (Video footage by Toshiyuki Takeya and Hiroki Endo)

The tens of thousands of volunteers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics should be able to keep their cool in the well-ventilated uniforms that were shown to media on July 19.

Two different uniforms will be handed out to volunteers depending on where they are based.

The estimated 80,000 volunteers working the venues and the 8,000 or so staff members of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee will wear uniforms that are largely indigo in color.

The 30,000 volunteers working at train stations and other areas to provide information and other help to spectators will wear uniforms with the checker board design of blue and white used in the emblem for the Tokyo Olympics.

The designs for the two uniforms were chosen from about 30 candidate ideas.

Shingo Katori, a former member of boy idol group SMAP who was on the committee choosing the uniform design, said, “The uniforms are very comfortable and were created while thinking about the volunteers who will wear them while helping out in the summer of 2020.”

Temperatures and humidity are expected to be high when the Tokyo Olympics are held in the summer, so the uniforms were designed to be perspiration-absorbent, quick-drying and allowing for ventilation.

The materials used in the uniform, including recycled polyester and plant-derived substances, were selected with the environment in mind.