Photo/IllutrationTimes24 Co. will introduce Nissan Motor Co.’s electric vehicle Leaf for car-sharing services in August. (Takeho Morita)

Times24 Co., operator of parking and automobile-sharing services, will start leasing electric vehicles (EVs) in August, a first in Japan.

Times24 initially plans to offer 100 EVs and will decide later on whether to increase the fleet depending on demand. Nissan Motor Co.’s Leaf will be used for the rental service.

Times24 will install battery charging stations at its parking lots. It has yet to decide on the fee system.

The company for the first time will provide Wi-Fi in the EVs, mainly for the increasing number of people who rent cars not to drive, but to rest or do online work in.

Times24, which had used four EVs on a trial basis, judged that demand for the vehicles will rise in light of global environmental restrictions on vehicle emissions.

“EVs have no idling sound, and the way they can be used is expanding,” Akira Saito, car-sharing division chief of the company, said. “As hybrid vehicles are already popular in the car-sharing industry, I think that many people will want to use EVs.”