Photo/IllutrationFrom left: Mr. Evolta Neo robots for swimming, cycling and running in the triathlon (Provided by Panasonic Corp.)

Just 17 centimeters tall, a durable competitor on Aug. 7 will attempt to eclipse the Olympic record for the triathlon at the event’s venue for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games.

But he will receive some help, namely from a shortened course, two partners and two AA-size dry cell batteries.

Panasonic Corp.’s robot, named Mr. Evolta Neo, will take the challenge in Tokyo’s Odaiba district, the major electronic appliance maker said on June 28.

The triathlon is a grueling endurance race that consists of three components: swimming, cycling and running. The Olympic record is one hour, 45 minutes and one second.

Panasonic plans to prepare three different Mr. Evolta Neo robots, one for each leg of the course at the 2020 Olympic venue.

However, the same two AA-size dry cell batteries will be used in all three robots.

The height of the robots is about one-10th of that for an adult male, so the distances for the race components will be reduced by 90 percent to 150 meters for swimming, 4 kilometers for cycling and 1 km for running.

Since 2008, Panasonic has put its Evolta series of batteries to challenges every year to show their endurance and other qualities.