Photo/IllutrationPrime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks on behalf of a candidate for his ruling Liberal Democratic Party running in the Upper House election in Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture, on July 19. (Yuichi Nobira)

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party and junior coalition partner, Komeito, were on track to win considerably more than the 63 seats that marks the majority being contested in the Upper House election on July 21.

The projections are based on exit polls conducted the same day.

An analysis of the exit polls showed that the LDP was expected to win about 60 seats overall of the 124 contested in the 245-seat chamber. The LDP was projected to win about 40 seats in the prefectural districts and about 19 seats in the proportional representation constituency.

Komeito was projected to win about 14 seats in total.

The main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan was expected to double the nine seats it held that were contested, with projections showing it would likely win about 20 seats.