Video from a security camera records a man resembling Shinji Aoba walking near the headquarters of Kyoto Animation Co. a day before a company studio was set on fire. (Video footage provided by local resident)

KYOTO--Video taken by a security camera appears to show a man resembling the suspect in a deadly arson fire near a company building the day before the attack occurred, which claimed 34 lives.

Police have obtained an arrest warrant for Shinji Aoba, 41, on suspicion of murder and arson in connection with the July 18 fire at a studio of Kyoto Animation Co. in Fushimi Ward here.

The video shows a man resembling Aoba pushing a small cart holding a number of cardboard boxes and walking near the headquarters of Kyoto Animation in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, at about 2:30 p.m. on July 17. The man is wearing a red shirt and jeans and is carrying a backpack.

Kyoto prefectural police have also collected security camera videos as well as eyewitness accounts and have determined that Aoba was in the area of the Kyoto Animation studio for a number of days before he allegedly set the fire by spraying gasoline on the first floor of the studio and igniting it.

Police believe Aoba traveled to the area of the studios and headquarters of Kyoto Animation to stake out a potential target for his attack.