Photo/IllutrationA video featuring a weather forecast for 2100 announced by Ruriko Kojima (From the Environment Ministry’s press release)

Summer forecasts of 43.3 degrees in Tokyo and scores of daily deaths from heatstroke will become the norm in 2100 unless sufficient countermeasures against global warming are taken, according to the Environment Ministry.

To drive home the dangers of climate change, the ministry released videos of mock weather forecasts for August and February 2100 based on simulations conducted by the Japan Meteorological Agency’s Meteorological Research Institute.

Acting as a newscaster in the videos, TV celebrity Ruriko Kojima warns that temperatures in Tokyo could reach 26.0 degrees, even in February.

The national death toll from heatstroke and other high temperature-related conditions for the summer of 2100 is estimated at more than 15,000.

The weather reports also warn that extremely strong typhoons with a central atmospheric pressure of 870 hPa will hit Japan that summer.

According to a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the average global temperature will rise by up to 4.8 degrees by the end of this century if steps are not taken to rein in climate change.

Under this worst-case scenario, maximum temperatures in August 2100 could hit 43.4 degrees in Nagoya and 44.9 degrees in Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture, which baked under 41.1-degree heat on July 23 last year, the highest temperature ever recorded in Japan.

The videos are available on the ministry’s website at (