Photo/IllutrationThe opening ceremony of Aichi Triennale was held in front of Mexican artist Pia Camil’s artwork “Front Curtain” in Nagoya’s Higashi Ward on Aug. 1. (Noboru Tomura)

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  • Photo/Illustraion

NAGOYA--Art aficionados wanting a "fix" are in for a treat over the next two and a half months with the opening of the fourth Aichi Triennale international contemporary art festival here on Aug. 1.

The festival continues for 75 days through Oct. 14, showcasing visual and performing artworks in museums, theater halls and the streets of Nagoya and the city of Toyota.

For this year's Aichi Triennale 2019, various artworks created by more than 90 individuals and groups from Japan and overseas will be on display.

The art festival, with this year's theme of “Taming Y/Our Passion,” has been held every three years since 2010. It features the five categories of international modern art, performing arts, film, music and learning.

On Aug. 1, the opening ceremony was held in the morning at Aichi Arts Center in Nagoya’s Higashi Ward.

On the 10th floor of the center, the contemporary artwork “Vocabulary of Solitude,” created by Ugo Rondinone of Switzerland, was unveiled. Visitors looked with great interest at the 45 vividly colored clowns dotting the spacious exhibition.

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