HIRAYA, Nagano Prefecture--A photo featuring sumo wrestlers in traditional fighting attire standing in a field of sunflowers here has taken off on Twitter.

One viewer described the sumo wrestlers as appearing like "summer fairies."

The photo was posted on a Twitter account by a wrestler belonging to the stable led by Shibatayama on Aug. 6. It was retweeted about 72,000 times.

For the past three years, the Shibatayama stable has been holding a joint training camp here with the rival Minezaki stable. The sunflower field is located behind the Hiraya village government building.

The photo was taken using a drone.

A similar photo was taken last year by a village government official operating the drone. Since then, stablemaster Minezaki has obtained a license to operate a drone himself, and he took this year's photo.

Hiraya village is known for having the smallest population of any village in Nagano Prefecture. It had only 414 residents as of Sept. 1, 2018.