The sixth animated feature film adaptation of the “Yo-Kai Watch” series is set for nationwide release on Dec. 13.

A recently revealed teaser visual for "Eiga Yo-Kai Watch Jam: Yo-Kai Gakuen Y-Neko wa Hero ni Nareruka-” (Movie Yo-Kai Watch: Yo-Kai academy Y -Can a cat be a hero?-) shows the protagonist, Jinpei Jiba, and other familiar-looking characters.

The “Yo-Kai Watch” franchise started with a role-playing video game from Level-5 Inc., spawning anime and manga adaptations as well as toys. The previous five animated film adaptations took in a total of more than 19.8 billion yen ($185 million) at the Japanese box office.

The main locale of the latest movie is the elite Y Gakuen to which only the best and the brightest are admitted. Jinpei is selected to attend the academy after passing the newly established “YSP” standard.

The story is to be a slapstick school comedy featuring a costumed hero, exciting battles and a gigantic robot.

The teaser visual also shows a dubious-looking teacher reminiscent of a yo-kai monster named Whisper. It also unveils the hero with a pair of big cat ears, Kengo Benimaru, who wears what appears to be a Yo-Kai Watch.

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