An explosion is staged at a gymnasium for a promotion video targeting filmmakers in Itoda, Fukuoka Prefecture, on Aug. 20. (Video footage by Masahiro Kakihana and Soichiro Yamamoto)

ITODA, Fukuoka Prefecture--If you're a filmmaker looking to blow stuff up, this town is for you.

A scene featuring a police chase that ends in an intense explosion on the grounds of a public gymnasium was shot here on Aug. 20.

The scene is part of a video filmed by Kenta Nagayoshi, 47, who was commissioned by the town government to promote the Chikuho region of Fukuoka where he is from as a film location.

Nagayoshi has helped stage various explosions toward this purpose, including blowing up a train.

The stage on this occasion was a public gym built about 41 years ago.

As the aging structure was slated for demolition, the town decided to allow the filming of an explosion there. The gym is in a residential area, and pamphlets informing residents about the blast were distributed in advance.

Two fire-extinguishing vehicles and doctors were on standby while the scenes were being shot, and town government staff members were also present.

During the scene for the promo video, a criminal escapes by car with a hostage and is followed by patrol vehicles. The criminal then takes refuge at the gymnasium, but his car explodes into a burst of flames.

The scenes were convincing, yet the gymnasium did not suffer serious damage. Nagayoshi explained that he tried to use as few explosives as possible for safety reasons.

"It's extremely rare for explosion scenes to be shot at public facilities," said Nagayoshi. "I want to attract filmmakers by showing that they can actually blow things up here."