Photo/IllutrationA TV news program reports on North Korea firing projectiles at Seoul Railway Station in Seoul on Aug. 16. (AP Photo)

The Japanese government plans to include for the first time in its annual white paper on defense that North Korea appears to have already realized small nuclear warheads that can be loaded onto missiles.

The description was found in the draft of the 2019 version of the document.

In the latest version, the government also demoted South Korea in the order of countries Japan cooperates with in the field of security, as relations continue to deteriorate owing to the issue of wartime laborers.

The white paper is expected to be approved at a Cabinet meeting in mid-September.

In the 2018 version, the government wrote that “there is a possibility that North Korea has realized” small, missile-mounted nuclear warheads. The wording was changed to “North Korea seems to have already realized ..." in the 2019 version.

The change reflects a growing sense of crisis over the nuclear threat posed by the hermetic country.

Since July 25, North Korea has launched projectiles, including short-range ballistic missiles, six times.

Regarding the launches, the latest version reads, "They are serious and pressing threats."